Another Long Four Years

Whenever a president begins a second term, we see a slew of resignations and new appointments to Cabinet positions. It’s happening again, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a sorry slate of appointees waiting to be confirmed by the Senate.

The first to jump ship was Timothy Geithner, who has held the post of Treasury Secretary for the last four years.

I would wonder if Geithner decided to bail out now because of the shipwreck looming ahead, but being a chief architect of that shipwreck, it’s obvious he is clueless about the steep waterfall. To replace him, Obama has chosen one of his chief advisors, Jack Lew, who went before Congress and swore that Obama’s policies were not adding one dime to the national debt. Of course, that whopper came straight from the top:

Tapped to take Hillary Clinton’s place at the State Department is the man who wanted to be president, John Kerry. When he was the Democrat nominee in 2004, Kerry attempted to showcase his military service in Vietnam. The big problem, though, was he came back from Vietnam as a high-profile protester who accused his fellow soldiers of being genocidal maniacs. That didn’t go over well with those had served with him, so they mounted a campaign to counter his charges. The Swift Boat Veterans, as they were called, were quite effective in curtailing Kerry’s grandiose claims of stellar military service and refuting his accusations. Now we’re supposed to accept him as the American face on all foreign policy. It’s amazing that any Vietnam vets would support him, but it is possible to find some who would back him up as Secretary of Defense, if he were chosen for that job rather than State:

He can do just as much damage as Secretary of State as he could as Secretary of Defense. For that latter position, Obama has picked his most controversial nominee to date, former Republican senator Chuck Hagel. That sounds good, as if he’s reaching across the political divide to show bipartisanship. The reality is something else. Hagel is lockstep with Obama on the Middle East. He has been critical of Israel and what he calls the Jewish Lobby, and he opposed sanctions on Iran. This is the man who’s going to be responsible for our national defense? What could be worse?

Overall, these picks don’t inspire confidence, but what would one expect? Any Obama nominee will be in agreement with his policies. They are merely extensions of him.

Get ready for another long four years.