A Strange Negotiation

Are we getting closer to a “deal” on the fiscal cliff? Interestingly, as Republicans continue to offer compromises—many of which include numbers Democrats previously proposed—all of their offers meet with condescension and a special brand of haughty disdain. I’m still not convinced that Obama and his party really want to avoid any cliff. Going over the cliff will make more people dependent on them, which is their overall aim. And to top it off, Republicans will get the blame if for no reason than the media will make it appear they are the problem. Obama’s kind of negotiating is strange, to say the least:

In the latest round of proposals, the administration is criticizing Republicans for not including enough spending cuts. Really? Spending cuts are an Obama priority? I’ve never realized that.

To me, it appears that the president is focused on one thing and one thing only, and is oblivious to the obvious dangers of his path:

We’re in for a very bumpy ride, and just wait until all of Obamacare kicks in. It won’t be fun.