Right to Work

Right-to-work laws are not difficult to understand. They mean an individual should not be forced to join a union in order to work. It used to be called liberty. An increasing number of states are catching on; the latest is Michigan, which last week joined the right-to-work states, thereby championing liberty while raising the prospects for greater prosperity within the state. The big unions, though, are violently opposed to these laws. I use the term “violently” on purpose, primarily because the violent nature of these unions was on display in Michigan as the legislature passed the law and the governor signed it.

They are referred to as union thugs for a reason. And they have a supporter in high places who said nary a word about the violence, but instead was quite vocal about limiting individual liberty. Of course, he doesn’t know the first thing about creating jobs anyway, so what’s the surprise?

I can only hope that the image of big unions threatening liberty will become burned into the public consciousness. It’s time to recognize what they really stand for:

Let freedom ring.