Around the Next Political Bend

The new Lincoln movie is getting good reviews. I haven’t seen it yet but hope to soon. Perhaps the publicity over that film led to the following political cartoon:

That expresses how I feel about the recent election. It’s sad to be forced to the conclusion that our fellow citizens can be so shallow as to believe Obama is the answer when he has only made everything worse for four years. And so many are ignorant of his radical ideology, no matter how much some of us try to make it known. A big part of the messaging problem is that most of the media won’t do their job. They’re too in love with the very idea of Obama to care. Harping on media bias can get old at times, but what can you do when it is so evident? Shouldn’t it be showcased? At least for posterity—if there will be one?

There are still a few pesky reporters out there who try to bring up sensitive subjects but they are put in their place by dramatic displays of feigned righteous indignation:

But most of the time he doesn’t have to worry about it; after all, the election is over now. He has more “flexibility.”

While all this can be discouraging, now is not the time to pack it in. Despair cannot be allowed to reign. With God, all things truly are possible. You never know what may await around the next political bend. Keep alert and pray for godly change.