Free Stuff

Mitt Romney, when asked what went wrong on his march to the White House, remarked that Obama promised more free stuff to the voters. That remark brought criticism from some Republicans who believe that if the message is framed properly, conservatism can win over many of those voters. I think they’re both right. Yes, the right candidate who can communicate the conservative message can still win a national election. Yet, at the same time, Romney was correct in pointing out that Obama promised things that conscientious Republicans cannot promise, and that a slim majority of the electorate was won over by those promises, false as they are.

Michael Ramirez, one of our most astute political cartoonists, captured this unwholesome attitude expertly in a couple of his recent cartoons:

All these promises come at a time when nearly every politician of whatever party recognizes we are facing what has been termed a “fiscal cliff.” On January 1, if nothing is done to prevent it, tax rates will go up, driving the economy deeper into the doldrums. The only genuine way to fix the problem long-term is with spending cuts—no amount of added revenue from the taxpayers’ pockets can overcome the staggering debt we now have. Yet Obama and his party are still acting like they’re having a party:

What his supporters fail to realize is that it’s not the “rich” who are going to bail us out; in fact, the burden is going to fall on everyone. If Obama were totally honest about where he’s taking us, this is what he would say:

How many of his voters were led astray by the media? It’s hard to say. But the chorus in favor of the president’s reelection coming from the mainstream media was overwhelming. It had to have some effect. Only one lone voice stood out from the pack:

If we don’t experience a near-collapse as a society in the next four years, it will be only by the grace of God.