The Worst-Case Scenario

Yesterday I laid out four election-night scenarios, from worst-case to best-case. I didn’t really believe the worst-case would come to pass, but it has. We will now have four more years of a president who seeks to, in his words, transform America. For the next two years, he will still have a Senate on his side. Only the House stands between us and his plans. At the very least, Obamacare in all its ugliness will now be implemented, along with the inherent threat it poses to religious liberty. We will continue our march toward that fiscal cliff so many have warned about. Our culture will drift even further from a Biblical basis unless we can turn it around.

Tonight I’m slated to offer an analysis of the election at a local Republican club. I need to take today to figure out just exactly what needs to be said. Rather than try to lay out in this blog today a full response to last night’s dismal results, I’m going to hold off until tomorrow. I need time to process what has occurred and offer the best diagnosis and prognosis I can.

My intent is to go beyond mere number-crunching and an examination of strategies, both successful and failed. I want to hear from the Lord today about the future of this nation and what part He wants His people to play. If you’re interested in my ponderings, come back to this blog tomorrow. Meanwhile, I’ll just leave you with this from the book of Isaiah, a verse I have used many times but which is even more apropos the morning after:

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil. Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!