The Libya Coverup

The more we find out about the September 11 attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, the worse it looks for President Obama. Some are referring to it as Benghazigate, as if this is another Watergate moment. Keep in mind, though, that no one was killed in Watergate—the burglars never even succeeded in stealing any files from the Democrat headquarters. One thing is constant, however, as we compare the two: the coverup is alarming.

Reports indicate the president was watching the attack unfold in real time. We’re also told that those on the ground in Benghazi begged for help at least three times, and were denied each time. Where does the buck stop? Who is the one who has the authority to give the go-ahead for the requested aid? Why didn’t he follow through and help those whose lives were in jeopardy?

Now we’re told the counterterrorism group never was convened during the crisis. What was the president relying on for the security of our diplomatic personnel?

Four Americans were murdered. You would think that would be a major story, wouldn’t you? But the media and the president’s apologists [but I repeat myself] are downplaying it.

Are some of our media outlets asleep at the switch?

Or is more nefarious than that?

Only one news organization, Fox, has given this event the serious treatment it deserves, but without any help from other news sources and with the reelection endangered if anyone is allowed to investigate thoroughly, it has been tough going to get all the information. President Obama says there is a rigorous government investigation ongoing right now—which will, of course, not be concluded until after the election. This is not the fog of war; this is a different fog:

There are a multitude of reasons why Barack Obama should be denied a second term For those who are interested, I had a week-long series I entitled “The Case Against Barack Obama” that ran in this blog from September 17-21—you can check it out by clicking on those dates on the calendar to the right. Any one of those many reasons are enough to disqualify him from returning to the Oval Office, yet this latest episode in Libya is sufficient all by itself. May this reign of error come to an end next week.