When Winning Is All That Matters

According to some accounts, President Obama was shocked that people thought he lost the first debate. He left the stage thinking he had won. He was probably the only person on his team who thought so. It testifies to the bubble he seems to live in. Ever since that seminal event, the polls have been moving in Romney’s favor. I wonder if it has yet occurred to Obama that he might actually lose this race?

If he’s going to pull this out, he’s going to need an even greater turnout than in 2008, but none of the data support that expectation. Where is he going to find those extra votes?

Perhaps one of his followers can come up with an ingenious plan to increase his vote total:

While that scenario may sound far-fetched, I urge you to watch carefully in these closing days before the election. You might be amazed by the depths to which the Obama campaign is willing to sink. I hope I’m wrong, but I must admit that one of my concerns is the various strategies they may be concocting at this moment to ensure reelection. We need to be alert to fraudulent means, old or new. For some people, “winning” is all that matters, and morality is seen as a mere encumbrance to be tossed aside. Watch, yes. And pray this election will be free of any taint of dishonesty or trickery. The future of this nation is in the balance.