Judging Truthfulness

I made a point in yesterday’s post that’s worth reemphasizing—truth should be the basis for judging who wins a debate. Not who is loudest, or who can interrupt most often, or who can best drip with derision, or who can hold an icy stare longer. Truth is what we should be seeking, and on one side Monday night, it was sorely lacking:

Remember when the new kid on the block burst upon the scene just a little over four years ago? He promised he was different. There would be no politics as usual. This was the dawning of some type of new age. There were some of us warning it was all a faςade, that we would live to regret this infatuation. But not enough listened. Funny how you don’t hear this politician talking about hope and change anymore. There’s a good reason; he’s now the establishment, and it doesn’t look any different from previous ones, except it’s even worse:

He’s gone beyond stale. He’s become toxic for the country. It’s time to start fresh again. Less than two weeks to go.