Puncturing the Obama Balloon

One of the most satisfying things about last week’s presidential debate is that, for many people, this was the first time the air was let out of the Obama balloon. Ever since he entered the national political scene, his credentials have been mostly air, but he and his operatives have been adept at concealing the painful fact that he’s the emperor who has no clothes. Despite all the hype over the past four years about his oratorical skills, he came crashing down as utterly frail and human. Personally, I’ve never been impressed by his oratory, and we know he often stumbles without his teleprompter. The debate was a welcome dash of reality:

I’ve written a lot about Obama’s ideology, which I believe is the core of the problem, but there’s also the issue of his basic competence to hold the highest office in the land. He was so sure of himself when he took over; just his presence was going to wipe away all fear, and his masterful command of policy was going to make everything right. Again, the reality has been somewhat different:

Yet with no genuine accomplishments in his term, except for the forcible takeover of the American healthcare system, he chose to run again. He thinks he deserves more time. Another one of those painfully obvious facts by now is that what he really does best is campaigning. The job he’s campaigning for is of secondary importance to him. Even as the world slips closer to the brink of catastrophe, he is not going to be found dealing with the problem directly; he has more pressing issues on the table:

Less than one month from now, we have an opportunity to correct the mistake we made four years ago.