The New Reality & Hypocrisy Unmasked

Yesterday, I attempted to ward off the collective amnesia much of the nation is experiencing with respect to the “glories” of the Clinton years. I thought it was appropriate timing since he is being showcased at the Democratic National Convention. I neglected, in my litany of Clinton’s policies, to mention his support for the Community Reinvestment Act, which strong-armed the lending institutions into giving home loans to almost anyone without worrying about their ability to make the payments. That act was the basis for the bursting of the housing bubble at the end of Bush’s second term. While Bush himself was seeking more caution in making those loans, Democrats in the Congress fought for the unfettered loan access. This was a major ingredient in the economic downturn that gave rise to the election of a man who promised hope and change.

Thank you, Bill Clinton.

Yes, Obama inherited a bad situation. Four years later, though, his policies have enshrined the economic downturn into a “new reality.” He seems intent upon making the bad situation permanent. At the convention, his supporters are reduced to chanting his name and promising that the turnaround can only occur if he has another four years at the helm:

Yeh, just think.

He has a lot of celebrity backing. Now that’s really impressive.

And there’s one subject that is forbidden to mention at this convention:

If you do mention it, you can be sure of the response:

The late-breaking convention news yesterday is that a hurried change was made in the party’s platform. The one that came from the committee had made some changes to platforms in earlier years by omitting any mention of God and not including a statement of support for Jerusalem being the capital of Israel. They received a lot of blowback on those changes. Sensing the ill political wind in the offing, they reverted back to previous language and included both. The walkback on these was so obviously political, it’s rather humorous.

Frankly, I prefer that the platform leave out God and Jerusalem, since we know that’s what they intended to do, and that their inclusion now is pure hypocrisy. Besides, does God really want to be part of a platform that makes abortion on demand and same-sex marriage cornerstones of the party’s beliefs? The Lord I know weeps over the abortion carnage we’ve engendered, and He’s never endorsed moral degeneracy.