Life Goes On

Tropical storm Isaac never really threatened the Tampa area. On Monday, I was wondering how bad it was going to be when I went out in the car. I found out it was almost a normal day. A little rain, even less wind, no problem. The Republican convention played it safe by calling off all activities that day; that’s understandable. If they hadn’t, the media would have bludgeoned them forever as insensitive. Some will do it anyway simply because Isaac is now upon New Orleans. In their view, all of life must come to a standstill over this storm.

Well, life goes on . . . and so does the convention. If you’re watching any station covering the proceedings besides Fox News, you have to prepare yourself ahead of time for what you will hear:

Protesters can be seen in the streets doing their usual thing. Even Joe Biden is coming to Florida during the convention. He had planned to be in Tampa, attempting to divert coverage and offer some of his typical inane commentary, but his handlers apparently thought better of it at the last minute. Their cover was that his presence would have interfered with any emergency situations that might arise. Well, that could be the real reason, but then again, given Mr. Biden’s predilection for foot-in-mouth disease, one can be excused for believing otherwise.

Meanwhile, the president is busy focusing on the essential issues facing the nation:

I wonder how long he’s going to try to get away with that?