RNC Theme: We Built This

I’m a little over half an hour away from the site of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, which begins this weekend. I have no role to play there, and will not be going. I’m not much for crowds anyway. I’ll watch some of it, though. I may even see some people I know personally. I wonder how many of my former students are involved?

President Obama gave the Republicans their theme this year. They’ve decided to accentuate his now-infamous words about how those who started businesses didn’t really build them themselves. Therefore, the theme is “We Built This.” Obama’s words may help lead to the end of his presidency. They seem to have taken on a vibrant life; they have staying power. But I’m not sure the president comprehends why his comment upset so many. Yes, he’s tried to say he was taken out of context, but that has become rather stale, since he and his acolytes have had to drag out that explanation for a number of statements.

One of my favorite cartoons, Mallard Fillmore, has been having fun with Obama’s befuddlement over this. Here’s the storyline for the strip this past week:

The movie 2016: Obama’s America, which I reviewed on Monday, tells the truth about the man. His worldview is antithetical to everything America was built upon. Our ancestors did build this, Mr. President. I wish you could appreciate what they’ve built.