On Behalf of an Adult Conversation on the Issues

The presidential campaign finally has gotten around to an important issue: the future of Medicare. At least that’s what the Republican ticket wants it to be—a campaign focused on real issues. It’s having a hard time, though, getting the Obama team to cooperate:

One can understand why the president doesn’t want to talk about all those other things; they all point to his failures. He seems to have concluded that his best option for reelection is to tear down his opponent’s character:

The goal is to avoid some painful truths, namely that the charges being made against Romney and Ryan don’t comport with the facts:

I wasn’t sure at first, but I’m beginning to believe the Republican approach of taking it directly to Obama and challenging him on the very grounds that he thought were safe, might actually work. This is the way it should be—direct talk about the problems we face and serious attempts to solve them. May those who want to have an adult conversation on our future make their case to the American electorate, and may the electorate give them the opportunity to carry out their plans.