Bring Back the Teleprompter?

Some commentators have jokingly recommended that President Obama go back to using his teleprompter more often. In the past few weeks, whenever he’s been unscripted, what he really believes has come out. First, he made the memorable statement that small business is doing just fine, despite the economic reality we are facing. That made some observers wonder what world he’s living in.

Another comment, not as widely reported, occurred when he tried to contrast the Republican and Democrat approach to reviving the economy. He talked about the prosperity of the Clinton era and compared it to what he called the disaster of the Bush tenure. Then he claimed the Clinton prosperity for himself, saying of the Democrat approach, “It worked.” There are a few problems with his history.

First, the Clinton prosperity did not result from raising taxes. Most of that occurred after 1994 when a Republican Congress introduced welfare reform and curbed the Clinton propensity to get government more involved. Remember, Clinton himself was forced to acknowledge that the era of big government was over. If only.

Second, the Bush years, coupled with tax cuts, were just fine until the subprime mortgage meltdown, much of which was due to a Democrat Congress that took over in 2006. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd deserve more blame than George Bush for what happened then.

Third, Obama’s policies have only worsened the situation. We are on the precipice of fiscal disaster.

It was his third pronouncement that rallied the opposition the most, however—his now infamous line that successful business people didn’t really build their businesses; others did that for them. In an earlier era, a foolish statement like that could have been relegated to collective amnesia by a media that favored the president. Now, all the alternative media will be sure to provide balance. Of course, that doesn’t mean the mainstream media will roll over and accept its decline in information dominance. It’s still working hard to offer the only “right” perspective:

Obama seems to realize the excuse-making hasn’t worked very well:

Cartoonists have had fun projecting his comment into history. Here’s one example:

Others who may not have artistic skills have found ways to use the new media to make similar points:

In an age of spiritual, moral, economic, and governmental decline, it’s nice to see innovative ways to communicate truth are still alive.