Truth as Victim

Campaigns have always been quite adept at creating false images of opponents. As a student of American history, I know this is not a new phenomenon. Our history is replete with the skewering of political foes, usually with a fair amount of lies thrown in. But never in our history have we had such access to information to cull out that which is false. You would think that would make politicians more cautious, but in the case of President Obama and his team, all caution seems to have been swept away during this campaign season.

Even though every new ad that appears can be checked against the record, Obama’s people have continued to run roughshod over the truth. They have tried many different tacks. One has been to accuse Republicans of wanting to suppress the minority vote by requiring photo ID’s to prove that voters are what they say they are—legitimate voters. Unfair, the Obama campaign declares, in the face of the following facts:

How can they make a valid claim of purposeful disfranchisement of voters when ID’s are required for all of the above? Yet has the media called them out on it?

They’ve also taken to attacking Romney personally, trying to make him into a felon because his name was still on the roster of Bain Capital three years after he said he had left the company. Yet even Democrats supporting the president have pointed out it was part of the reporting requirements and he was not actively making any decisions for the company during that time. But what else can you expect from Chicago politicians?

If you’re interested in finding some genuine felons, might I suggest you start in Chicago?

In connection with Bain, Romney is accused of being an outsourcing king, thereby losing jobs for Americans. Never mind all the jobs saved by Bain during his tenure, and the companies that were strengthened; focus instead on some of the investments that didn’t work out. One might excuse this attack as the result of Obama never having had any experience with free enterprise, but I don’t think that excuse will fly. As Bill O’Reilly pointed out in his program the other night, the Obama administration is buddy-buddy with General Electric, the majority of whose employees now work overseas. One Romney ad has dubbed the president as the Outsourcer-in-Chief. Therefore, this Obama attack is pure hypocrisy.

We’ve also seen a multitude of ads demeaning Romney as a filthy rich guy who doesn’t understand common people. Some of this is meant to distract from Obama’s problems:

While Romney certainly is rich, he can’t measure up to some of Obama’s key supporters, such as Oprah Winfrey, whose net worth is far greater than Romney’s. When do you think the president’s campaign team is going to take her to task for possessing so much wealth? Right.

In all this, Obama bemoans the lack of civility in politics, talking about how disappointed he is that the political atmosphere remains so poisoned:

That might be the rankest hypocrisy of all, coming from the Poisoner-in-Chief. I’m not sure truth has ever been more twisted than what we are now witnessing.