The Rule of Law: The Beginning of the End?

Reaction to the president’s usurpation of the legislative power of Congress continues. I wrote about this on Monday: the unilateral decision to alter illegal immigration enforcement and the political reason for doing so. The cartoonists are beginning to weigh in on this now, and they’re doing a pretty good job of identifying the underlying philosophy and reasoning of the president. For instance:

There have been other, less publicized uses of executive orders to accomplish what Obama wants, but what we see with this latest one is how he would govern in a second term with a completely Republican Congress. He would simply ignore Congress and do whatever he wants. His rationale would be that it “needs” to be done, Congress is delinquent in doing its job, and therefore he is justified in acting alone. This is disturbing; that is not supposed to happen in a constitutional republic.

In his announcement Monday, he concentrated on that very special word that all progressives use: fairness. Next to racism, it probably has the best results for stirring emotions. But what does he really mean by it?

Above all, though, this was a calculated political strategy aimed at reversing his poor polling numbers. In that respect, he may be successful; he certainly will energize that part of his base that desires this policy. And of course he hopes to sabotage Romney in the process:

Commentators have also noted this preemptive strike curbed Marco Rubio’s proposed legislation to deal with the same issue. For Obama, it’s a two-fer: keep the Latino vote from switching to Romney and undercut a Republican Cuban-American rising star. For someone who operates as an ideological progressive with no concern for constitutional authority, this was a no-brainer. It had to be done—his philosophy of life and politics demanded it.

Meanwhile, the media, that celebrated watchdog of liberty, continues to act as an arm of the Obama reelection campaign:

Americans who still believe in constitutionalism and responsible liberty—not license to do whatever one wants—must stand up and be counted this time around. If not, we will witness the beginning of the end of the rule of law and genuine liberty.