Off Message

Every campaign wants to find good surrogates who can go out and deliver the message for the candidate. President Obama’s been having some trouble in that regard lately. Some of his surrogates have gone off the rails, contradicting the man they are supposed to be supporting. The most prominent of those off-message surrogates has been Bill Clinton. He’s praised Romney’s private sector work and plugged for a continuation of the Bush tax cuts even for the wealthiest. Now, on both points, he is on the right side. However, those comments put him at odds with the one for whom he is supposed to be shilling. He’s tried to walk back a few of the comments, but political observers don’t think he’s been entirely successful at doing so.

Underneath it all, some say, is a secret desire to torpedo the president’s reelection bid, motivated by a simmering resentment at how his wife was treated in the 2008 primaries. The one thing that is no secret to anyone in the know is that the Obama-Clinton relationship is, and always has been, rather awkward. One of the problems, of course, is that Bill Clinton doesn’t like to take a back seat to anyone. As much as Obama, he relishes the limelight:

The clashing of two massive egos makes for good drama. Even when Clinton is on message, it’s not hard to read between the lines:

I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like this show up sometime:

The real issue, though, is whether the electorate is savvy enough to see the shallowness of the president’s rhetoric and the failure of his policies. There certainly are indications we are in trouble in that respect:

This is why we need to be involved in a grassroots educational endeavor before November. I wish I could say I trust the American electorate, but I don’t feel secure about their knowledge base, their understanding of constitutionalism, or their spiritual grounding. The prayer really does need to be, “Lord, have mercy on us.”