The Real Kill List

There has been criticism lately from both Left and Right over President Obama’s policy of selecting terrorists to kill in drone strikes. I may surprise some of you by offering a qualified endorsement of that policy. We are at war against terrorism, even if some in the administration would like to have us believe that war is over. A president does have the responsibility as commander in chief during a war to take out the enemy. Yes, I know we haven’t made an official declaration of war; that should be done. But Americans’ safety is the overall concern.

The critique from the Right, though, has been the manner in which this is carried out, along with the loss of valuable intelligence. If we kill all terrorists, we don’t have the opportunity to interrogate them for what they know. That has proven invaluable in recent years. The Obama approach wipes out not only the terrorist, but any chance of extracting more significant information that could lead to taking down an entire network. Also, his method of micromanaging the so-called “kill list” is eerily reminiscent of LBJ’s handling of Vietnam. That went well, didn’t it? And then there’s the collateral damage of relying almost exclusively on drone strikes—the innocent may die along with the guilty. I’m not saying the drones shouldn’t be used, but there are other factors this president apparently isn’t taking into consideration.

By the way, I got a sneak peak at the new Obama Kill List. You may find this fascinating:

By this standard, he’s been remarkably successful. If you don’t think so, let him explain:

That’s a pretty optimistic self-assessment. Here’s another one closer to reality:

Many Democrats are nervous. They have spoken out against Obama’s attacks on genuine capitalism that creates jobs. Meanwhile, his own policies have led to the highest unemployment and lowest productivity at a sustained pace since the Great Depression. Yet you don’t find any in his party willing to say he should step aside in favor of his vice president, now do you? Wonder why?

The last four years have been a national nightmare. Perhaps in five months we’ll awaken once again.