Clear Distinctions

I’ve been storing cartoons dealing with the upcoming presidential election. I think it’s time to unleash them. Some have done a fine job at showing the clear distinctions between the two candidates. Here are a couple of my favorites:

In his criticisms of Romney, Obama has tried to have it both ways. All that does is undercut his criticisms. Hopefully, hypocrisy won’t play well:

There’s been talk about Romney’s Mormonism. If you have read my ponderings for any length of time, you know I have concerns about that as well. However, we have to consider the alternative:

I agree—no matter how off-base theologically I believe Mormonism to be, there’s nothing worse than worshiping a mere mortal. Certain things have begun to be revealed about this mere mortal, things that should have been vetted in the media four years ago. What’s fascinating is the source of the revelations:

Naturally, the president wants to scrub his record clean with the voters, but he may find that task more daunting than he realizes:

May sanity return this November.