Ending the War on Terror Prematurely

Did you know the War on Terror is over? That’s what a senior State Department official said a couple of weeks ago. The White House rushed to control the damage from that statement. But seriously, does a senior State Department official say something like that without some encouragement from those at the top? Even if “The War on Terror Is Over” is not the “official” position of the Obama administration, there may be a reason for the State Department guy’s sense that this might be how the administration is acting.

To quote the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, “let me be clear.” I would like nothing better than to heartily declare this war is over. There are some, though, who haven’t gotten that message:

Yet we are getting reports of terrorists being released, and all they have to do is promise they won’t ever be involved in this type of heinous activity again . . . ever:

What kind of faith does it take to believe they will keep that promise? Well, a naïve faith, to be sure.

Meanwhile, as the president runs for reelection, he keeps talking about the one success he achieved:

While taking out bin Laden was certainly a major achievement, he didn’t accomplish it alone. He had all the intelligence built up during the Bush years to rely upon, and he had Navy Seals who could carry it out. Yet he will continue to raise the banner on “his” achievement. Why? Because he has nothing else to commend himself to the voters. It’s all he’s got.