Cartoon Meditations for a Friday

Let’s just have a few meditations on the economy today, and how it’s affecting the race for the presidency. What better way to accomplish this than to allow the cartoonists to carry the meditation? I know most of what I write about is national, but we can start with one state’s economy:

Of course, if that happens, the rest of the country will be affected also. Did you hear that California governor Jerry Brown just announced that the state debt is far worse than he anticipated? Gee, I wonder if his policies might have something to do with that? Why is it that we think we’re immune to an economic Armageddon?

This mentality can be found at the top as well:

One of my concerns is that a slightly lower unemployment rate will fool voters into thinking things are turning around. Anyone thinking that way is overlooking one significant factor:

In other words, the number of people looking for jobs keeps dropping because they’ve given up. A shrinking unemployment rate masks a shrinking labor force. That’s not progress. All it does is put more citizens on the government dole. Remember Julia?

How widespread is that outlook on life? The more it becomes the norm, the closer we are to utter collapse. Yet the Obama campaign continues to make job creators into villains. That’s bad enough, but the hypocrisy of it only adds to the reprehensible nature of the attack:

Keep in mind the president himself is also part of the so-called 1%. He’s not exactly suffering.