Teenage Indiscretions As a Campaign Tactic?

We’re beginning to see the outlines of how this campaign is going to play out. Helped by his friends in the media, Obama is trying to make Romney look like a bully. It’s almost funny, though. The Washington Post gave front-page status to a story emanating from the time Romney was in high school. Supposedly, he and others forcibly cut the hair of a fellow student who may have had homosexual tendencies. Please forgive my skepticism, as this “story” appeared the day after Obama’s endorsement of homosexual marriage. It was given a prominent place in the newspaper as a counter to those who might disagree with the president’s policy on this issue. See, we’re supposed to think, homosexuals have been treated unfairly, so we need to make up for it now.

Well, the boy who was allegedly bullied can’t speak for himself since he has died. His family is outraged over the story. Romney says he doesn’t recall this specific incident. He does admit that as a teenager he did things that were foolish. He’s probably the only person who ever did foolish things as a teenager, right? I mean, I’m sure the reporters who cobbled this story together were outstanding examples of moral, civilized behavior when they were young.

This is almost beyond ridiculous. Do any of us really want to be held accountable for actions that, in Romney’s case, date back about fifty years? As a teenager? What’s next?

If we really want to search for youthful misbehavior, there are more glaring examples available:

Get over it, media. Try a new tactic, Mr. President. This one diminishes the office you hold almost as much as your policies do.