Poster Child for the Zombie Nation

If you haven’t seen “The Life of Julia,” you need to Google it. She’s a fictional character created by the Obama campaign to demonstrate how government helps people. If you watch the entire thing, though, you come away with the distinct impression that people—perhaps women, in particular—are utterly helpless without government aid. This campaign ploy is the best/worst advertisement for  the cradle-to-grave nanny state that I’ve seen in some time. “Julia” only succeeds because of government. There is no mention of a family helping her, a husband along the way, certainly nothing spiritual in her supposed “life.” She is the poster child for the zombie nation.

The really scary part about it is how this reveals the worldview/mindset of those in authority in our civil government. “Keep us in power,” they seem to be saying, “and we’ll make you a functioning person, made in our image.” And of course all it takes is more money to accomplish all this. Never mind that programs mentioned in “The Life of Julia,” such as Head Start, don’t actually give anyone a genuine head start. We’re supposed to ignore the data on that and just trust the government knows what it is doing.

Well, we haven’t seen too many examples of that recently, have we? There was the spectacle of the GSA employees, which was undoubtedly only the very tip of the very top of the iceberg of waste.What’s even more disturbing, however, is the false perception that persists among an ever-increasing proportion of our population:

It’s not too late to reverse this whole “government is your big daddy” mindset, but we have to work quickly. Let’s start this November.