The Obama Record: It’s Broken

I can never run out of things to say about President Obama’s economic policies. He just keeps providing more to talk about. Take, for instance, his promotion of the so-called Buffett Rule lately, the one that thought it was a good idea to tax the rich more [as if that would have actually made a dent in the deficit]:

Apparently, Congress wasn’t as convinced. It went down to defeat in the Senate. It was never a serious proposal for deficit reduction; it served a political goal only.

Now the Obama campaign team is out with a seven-minute video touting his economic successes. I’m not sure how they found seven minutes worth of footage, but when you’re disconnected from reality anyway, it’s no problem:

Overall, one has to wonder what he really can show for all the record-high levels of spending:

That’s a pretty good representation of his “record.” Think it will play?