When Radical Ideology Joins Hands with Incompetence

The class warfare rhetoric is getting thick. I find this rather amusing considering the president himself is part of that oft-maligned 1%. It appears his campaign team has decided the best chance he has for reelection is to play the envy card. I’m sure, though, it will be conjoined with the race card later, as well as any other “card” they can find to exacerbate divisions within the citizenry.

Since I’m a historian, I’m always interested in the antecedents to current policies. What were the precursors that have led to fanning the flames of hatred of the rich? One cartoonist has come up with a possibility:

I’m not going to vouch for the historical accuracy of that one, but if the slash-and-burn technique becomes dominant real soon, maybe I’ll give it some credence.

Our economic mess is a combination of radical Leftist ideology and just plain incompetence. In fact, the two go together rather well:

So in case the president may be wondering, there may be good reasons why the business community is not uniformly on his side:

May enlightenment come to the majority of the electorate by November.