Phony Issues Exposed

The Obama campaign is rather adept at promoting phony issues. For instance, the laser-like focus on making the super-rich pay more—which would add only $47 billion to the treasury each year while we pile up more than a trillion in increased debt at the same time. Phony.

Then there’s the supposed “War on Women” that Republicans/conservatives are waging. The only complaints conservatives have on that score is having everyone pay for young, unmarried women’s contraceptives and taxpayer support for abortion via Planned Parenthood. Yet somehow that translates into a war on women. No, it’s merely opposition to immorality and murder.

This liberal attack machine went off track last week, thanks to one of Obama’s supporters. Hilary Rosen, who has visited the White House thirty-five times in the three years of this presidency, and who has had personal sessions with Obama on five occasions, declared on CNN that Ann Romney hadn’t worked a day in her life. You see, all she ever has been is a stay-at-home mom, which apparently is a life of leisure when you raise five children, at least through the prism of Leftist ideology. When asked to respond to her statement, the president simply referred to her as some television commentator.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly he can throw people under the bus? Why, he hardly even knows her, right?

Rosen then performed the ritual “apology that isn’t an apology” by being sorry “if” anyone was offended by her remarks. That has become so cliché; it has no meaning whatsoever. All she did was help the Romney campaign:

The episode didn’t advance the Democrats’ strategy:

And it put Obama in a tight spot:

That’s okay. It’s where he deserves to be. I don’t think he and his party really understand what most women seek:

Hopefully, freedom will trump phony appeals to fairness, and productivity will triumph over handouts.