Obama’s “Flexibility”

A few days ago, President Obama met with the Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev. At one point, when he apparently thought the microphone was off, he leaned toward the Russian president and pled with him to tell Vladimir Putin that after the election, he would have more “flexibility.” The context was a discussion about missile defense. From the beginning of his term, Obama has been no fan of developing our missile defense, and he seems to lean toward the Russian position on that. The issue also involves our protection of European allies like Poland. Obama’s not too keen on that either.

Since the outcry over his comments, he has tried to distance himself from himself, claiming that people are reading too much into what he said. It seems pretty obvious to me, though, what he really meant.

Of course, he will have the same approach when it comes to domestic policy. He will campaign as a reasonable, middle-of-the-road uniter, while planning to veer leftward again if he should happen to prevail and win a second term.

Some may wonder how he can get away with the charade. Remember, he has a ubiquitous ally:

Unfortunately, more of those allies are being churned out of journalism schools throughout the nation:

The real question at hand is whether “we the people” will allow Obama to get away with it again. Will we do more to expose the charade? A nation’s future is at stake.