The Obama Reelection Motto

Did you see White House press secretary Jay Carney a few days ago telling the assembled press that President Obama hasn’t been campaigning all that much? I wish I could have witnessed the looks on the faces of the reporters as that gem tumbled out of his mouth. Even those in the tank for Obama’s reelection surely had to stifle a laugh or two. All this president has ever done since taking office has been a continual campaign. He’s practically doubled the number of fundraisers that Bush held during the same time for his reelection bid in 2004. I believe it was either the day Carney made this comment, or the next one, that Obama had five fundraisers within 24 hours.

He’s in his element. Part of that element is to distort the public’s image of Republicans. Two examples readily come to mind, the first dealing with the GOP view of women:

Then there’s this factually challenged statement:

Last week also saw the premiere of a “documentary” highlighting the achievements of the Obama administration:

And of course, if none of these tactics bring the desired result, he can always count on Attorney General Holder for help. The Justice Department is attempting to invalidate voter ID laws in South Carolina and Texas. Why? Well, it’s discrimination to require a voter to prove who he or she is. We should just let anyone vote without checking an ID, right? Surely there’s no fraud involved anywhere. I mean, it’s not like you have to show an ID when you do anything else, is it?

The Obama motto: if I can’t win by distortions, I can at least win by stuffing the ballot boxes.