The Obama Referendum

The Republican primaries have been getting most of the attention lately, but when everything settles down and the general election begins, the focus will shift back to President Obama. This election is going to be a referendum on his policies. Part of that referendum will be his push for “green” products paid for by taxpayer money. Starting with Solyndra, the number of companies that received stimulus money and then went bankrupt is increasing. It seems as if any Mickey Mouse company could get in on the largess:

Some of that money went to General/Government Motors for the Chevy Volt, which, at more than $40,000 per car, hasn’t exactly been a hot seller. Production has halted for now. More of your money down the drain.

But none of this has stopped Obama from getting excited about new solutions. Now’s the time to get in on the ground floor on algae futures:

Yet he continues to blame everyone else for his own failures. Not even solar power is going to help here.

For the record, Obama stopped the Keystone Pipeline, he has closed off more than 80% of our shoreline to drilling, and he is on record as hoping that higher gas prices will force us to go “green.” This is only one aspect of his policies that deserves scrutiny. Let the referendum begin.