We Need a Guidebook for Double Standards

Hamid Karzai now says U.S. soldiers who burned Qurans should be turned over to the Afghan government to stand trial for their despicable act. Yet, at the same time, he admits the destruction of the Qurans was not intentional. Someone needs to take a course in logic. Karzai is well known for his corruption. What a great friend.


Apologizing to thugs and bullies, even if dressed up in religious garb, always has the same result. They lose respect for you. I say that advisedly because I believe when anyone does something wrong, one should apologize. But it’s wasted on those who are immersed in a hateful ideology. When the president apologized, I think he forgot something:

Maybe he just hasn’t gone far enough to make things right. Here’s another step he could take:

So how are we supposed to deal with those whose traditions are different than ours? We need a guidebook:

The double standard is alive and well.