Obama’s Green Dreams

You would think after the bankruptcy of Solyndra, which received half a billion in taxpayer stimulus money, and now a number of other “green” energy companies folding despite government largess at the taxpayer expense, that the president would rethink his support for such boondoggles. Instead, he’s doubling down and seeking to spend more of our [your] money on enterprises that cannot compete in the marketplace. When one is inspired by an ideology, however false, it’s difficult to face reality.

On the plus side, this has created some jobs:

Yet on the “oil” side of energy, Obama has closed off 85% of offshore drilling and stalled giving permits in those few areas where it is allowed. I realize the price of gasoline is also affected by the situation in the Middle East, but we wouldn’t be held prisoner to Middle East politics and radical Islam if we weren’t so dependent on that area for our oil. The president basically despises oil companies while propping up green approaches that don’t appear to be succeeding. Yet he attacks Republicans for making a political issue out of this. Hey, if this isn’t a legitimate political issue, what is?

I don’t expect honesty from Democrats on this issue [or most others], but we should begin to demand it.