Anyone Remember the First Amendment?

President Obama’s switch to hitting the insurance companies directly for mandatory coverage of birth control [even abortifacients] is supposed to be an “accommodation” to the religious organizations who were upset over his unprecedented move to force them to provide the birth control. It’s just the old strategy of smoke and mirrors. Those organizations would still be offering the coverage in their plans, thereby violating their religious beliefs. The First Amendment is still being ignored under the supposed accommodation. Further, this means the president is dictating to insurance companies what they need to offer—still an unconstitutional power grab via Obamacare.

Why all this emphasis on providing birth control anyway? It’s not like it’s so unaffordable if one wants to make use of the methods. Insurance ought to be for the major costs of healthcare, not for everyday minor costs. Yet Obama decides to risk his political capital by forcing this issue. What’s behind this move?

It’s politically foolish. Perhaps he’ll have to come to grips with that:

Speaking of his “fundamental principles,” such as they are:

While I don’t agree with his desire to stifle political speech and override the First Amendment by limiting the amount of money one can spend [as long as all donations are made public], if he really believes what he says he does, he ought to at least be consistent with his beliefs, as inconvenient as they may be to his reelection efforts.