Obama Off the Back Burner

The political focus naturally has been on the Republican race, and as I noted yesterday, the “Santorum Surprise” has become the top story. It also has highlighted the clear Romney weakness in a Republican electorate:

All of this attention to the Republican primaries and caucuses should be putting Barack Obama on the back burner for now, but he has contrived to make himself the news as well, albeit not in a positive way. The octopus-like arms of Obamacare are revealing themselves more than ever now that his administration is trying to force religious organizations to provide birth control methods they disagree with. This has become a vital debate over religious liberty, and rightly so. Obamacare is a threat to genuine religious liberty. Obama is a threat to genuine religious liberty.

He’s attempted to play up the numbers on unemployment now that the “official” word is that it’s down to 8.3%. What he doesn’t want anyone to know is that the labor force itself has dropped precipitously. Fewer people are even looking for work because they’ve given up, and the real problem for those who want to know the truth is that the Obama Labor Department is always going to put things in the best possible light.

Yet the president himself conducts an interview before the Super Bowl in which he declares he deserves a second term.

I thought I would add that cartoon just in case anyone has forgotten that we’re now over $15 trillion in debt. Is that going to be his argument for a second term? I hope so.