This War Is Real

The war on religion is not a zany, right-wing paranoia trip. In fact, to be more precise, it’s not a war on religion per se, but a war specifically targeting evangelical and Catholic Christianity. The Obama administration’s rules that hospitals connected with religious institutions must offer birth control pills and abortifacients such as the “morning-after” pill is a direct assault on religious liberty. These rule also apply to denominational colleges and universities who have healthcare plans. Cartoonist Michael Ramirez captures the spirit of these mandates:

Last week, we also saw pressure applied in the private sector. The Susan G. Komen Foundation, which ostensibly works to fight breast cancer, has been giving donations to Planned Parenthood for years. The foundation finally seemed to come to its senses and decided not to continue that funding. The facts are clear: Planned Parenthood doesn’t do a thing to prevent breast cancer—no screening, nothing. Rather, 91% of its activities are centered on providing or promoting abortions. For a while, Komen was the toast of the pro-life movement for its supposed recovery of conscience. Then, in just a few short days, it caved to the Left and apologized for its decision. It now appears Komen will again include Planned Parenthood in its panoply of recipients. Not exactly a model for moral backbone.

The war is real, and it needs to be fought on many fronts.