That Was the Week That Was

Time to summarize the week, starting with the Obama administration’s directive to force Catholic hospitals to provide birth control [and by extension possible abortions]. Where does he think he gets that authority?

This is a slap in the face, of course, to all those Catholics who voted for him, thinking he was some kind of paragon of virtue. But they should have known; his record was quite clear before running for the presidency. He was the only state senator in Illinois who fought to disallow babies born alive “accidentally” during an abortion to receive medical care. He has been consistent.

Hopefully, they’ll make a more informed choice this November.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Eric Holder testified [sort of] to a House committee again over his accountability in the Fast and Furious scandal. Congress has been requesting the pertinent records for quite some time. There seems to be a speed bump somewhere in the process of receiving them. Perhaps a better name can be given to this scandal:

Let’s just say Mr. Holder has been less than forthcoming:

The Occupy Movement has also been trying to get back into the news. One wonders if they need a public relations firm, considering their outrageous actions. Their mantra of the 1% vs. the 99% could easily be turned back on them:

Then there’s always the budget/national debt issue. Remarkably, the unemployment rate fell temporarily to 8.3% [don’t expect that to last too long], but the overall financial mess we find ourselves in as a nation only gets worse:

Don’t be fooled by superficial good news; the overall picture is still pretty bleak.