The Camel Is in the Tent

What trumps religious liberty in our new, enlightened era? It seems that the “right” to healthcare and the quest for “non-discrimination” do. Here’s what’s happening.

On the healthcare front, under Obamacare, religious organizations that aren’t technically churches—hospitals, universities, etc.—are being told they have no choice but to offer provisions in their healthcare plans that provide birth control, even those methods that can be called abortifacients. The Catholic Church takes a stand against birth control, and that church runs a multitude of hospitals throughout the country. The Obama administration is therefore telling Catholics they must violate their convictions because the government deems something else more important.

This is only one step away from demanding that all faith-based hospitals perform abortions. The spotlight is on Catholics at the moment, but this affects Protestants as well. My university may also be told it is required to offer a plan that covers abortions.  This is not a case of the camel’s nose being in the tent; it’s more like the camel has invaded the tent wholesale and has made himself quite at home.

Then there’s the strange case of Vanderbilt University, which is declaring that no student religious organization can require that its members hold to the beliefs of the organization. You see, that would be discriminatory. What if an atheist wanted to be president of, let’s say, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship? To disallow the atheist from running for that office would be discrimination, according to the enlightened administration of Vanderbilt.

I’ve never been one to rail against those who say “happy holidays” instead of “merry Christmas.” The word “holiday” actually means “holy day.” Sometimes we can get riled up over trivial things and miss the genuine, sometimes very subtle, attacks on faith. Those attacks are widespread, from private entities such as Vanderbilt all the way up to our elected officials in Washington. We need to recognize what’s happening and make a stand against it. Keep in mind those elected officials are . . . well . . . elected. There’s a new election forthcoming. You have a voice. More than ever, we are witnessing the consequences of making poor choices.

Our government is a reflection of who we are as a people because we put them there. What reflection will we see this November?