It’s a Long Way to the Convention

I voted in the Florida primary yesterday. My candidate, Rick Santorum, came in third. He knew he wasn’t going to win the state, and has been out working in other states that have caucuses coming up. He’s wise in using his funds appropriately. I voted my conscience, and am glad I did. Even with the victory last night, Romney has only about eighty delegates; the winner is going to have to get more than one thousand. It’s not over until it’s over.

This primary season has divided conservatives. Some have opted to support Romney simply because they think he is the only one who can beat Obama. It’s possible they may be right. Others have chosen to back Gingrich because they believe he’s the one to make the necessary changes, that he’s not afraid of anyone and will do what has to be done. Again, I can understand their rationale.

But I am far from convinced by their arguments.

So does that mean I delete them as friends on Facebook? Do I never speak to them again because I think their reasoning is faulty? Should I resort to name-calling or some other childish gesture? Hardly.

Yet that doesn’t mean I won’t continue to voice my concerns. Romney may win the nomination. He may beat Obama in the general election. So far, so good. But what follows after that? Will he be true to his promises? Will he really dismantle Obamacare? How many of his erstwhile supporters will suffer buyer’s remorse when they see him back away from his former stands?

That’s exactly what I fear he will do. Republicans may win in the short term and lose ultimately. A Romney presidency may fundamentally alter the direction of the party and its cornerstone beliefs. At best, he may be a good manager of a continued downward slide as a nation. Is that what we really want?

If he is to be the next president, no one would be happier than I to be proven wrong with regard to my concerns. But we’re not at that point yet. There are forty-six states remaining; most of them will award delegates proportionally; all four of the remaining candidates have pledged to take their campaigns all the way to the national convention. It remains to be seen if Romney actually can accumulate enough delegates by then. If he can’t, we’re in for a very interesting convention.