Don’t Sign Up for This Cruise

With the primary season so hot, and with my desire to share excerpts of Santorum’s book, I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately. I’d like to slow down a bit today. How about if we catch up on some political cartoons that deal with two significant events this past week or so? First up, the Keystone Pipeline that President Obama refused to okay, thereby not creating somewhere between 20,000-100,000 jobs, depending on whose estimate you follow. His reason? Environmental concerns. His real reason? Making sure the environmental movement doesn’t desert him in the upcoming election. This decision has met with derision not only from Republicans but those blue-collar workers who would like those jobs. He’s now tempting them to desert. Here’s how the cartoonists have portrayed this issue:

There was also the annual State of the Union Address, or as some have called it, “The Class Warfare Rally.”

You had to be careful not to listen too closely. It might have led to damage to the powers of reasoning:

The president is in perpetual campaign mode. He can’t wait to set out on a second term, and he wants us to be on board:

I would like to cancel my reservation, please.