Obama, Arrogance, & the Media

I’ll pick up again with Rick Santorum’s book tomorrow. Today, I need to catch up a little on some excellent political cartoons that take aim once again at one of our president’s most captivating traits—his arrogance. I’ve mentioned previously his bold step in appointing people to positions without congressional approval even though Congress was not officially in recess. That story is not over, and the cartoonists are doing their part to ensure it stays active:

That same cartoonist sees a similarity between the Obamas and a French historical couple:

And then there are some of Obama’s supporters—otherwise known as the media—consistently coming to his rescue. Did you see the new Newsweek cover?

Why are Obama’s critics so dumb??? Well, at least this magazine has left hypocrisy aside and has come out of the closet—again. Another cartoonist has been quick to use that one:

That’s how the mainstream media views those of us who aren’t enamored with socialistic failures. If that bothers you, good. Let it show in November.