The Dangers of an Unprincipled Electorate

A major problem with an unprincipled electorate is that the voters will only look at superficial indicators when it comes to the economy. For instance, the slightly lower unemployment rate right now—although still well above 8%—may lull some people into the illusion that everything is now going in the right direction. An unprincipled electorate doesn’t examine the underlying philosophy of the administration. All they want to know is if things seem to be better. If they “feel” like things are better, they will vote to keep Obama in office.

Yet they will be missing a few items of note along the way.

Based on his socialist philosophy, the government got involved in bailing out General Motors, and pushed for the development of the Chevy Volt. The public isn’t buying it—literally. Then the car started having unexpected problems—like setting itself on fire.

This is what happens when the government, not the market, determines what will be built. It kind of reminds me of the Yugo fiasco in Yugoslavia back in its primetime communist days.

Neither can we forget the budget dilemma we are facing. While there may be some superficial signs of recovery, there is the ongoing issue of massive debt.

Who is going to have to deal with this?

What a present to leave the next generation.

We need an electorate that is educated in basic principles, both economic and otherwise. Without that, we will continue down this disastrous path.