Do the Right Thing . . . For a Change

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is truly fascinating. They seem to show up everywhere now. I guess they got tired of Wall Street. Newt Gingrich had his speech interrupted by some of them yesterday. I guess they’re also tired of free speech. What exactly do they want?

Well, some of them apparently aren’t all in for the cause . . . unless, of course, the cause benefits them personally. I think they still have an ally in the White House.

The cartoon above is referring to a pipeline project that will not only create jobs but will help America become more self-reliant in energy production.

So why is Obama nixing this project? I thought he was trying to create jobs. Hasn’t he said that’s his number one priority? Could it be that he’s not really serious about that? In fact, he seems to be bowing to the environmental extremists on this one, putting himself at odds with unions, another one of his key constituencies. It must be hard juggling all those interest groups all the time.

I have a novel idea. Why not just do the right thing? I know that’s kind of radical, but he might want to give it a try for a change.