Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year”: True to Form

Time, at the end of each year, names its “Person of the Year.” It’s usually a joke. Not intentionally, of course, but a joke nonetheless. This year, Time has done it again. Now I realize the so-called “Person of the Year” isn’t always meant to be an admirable person, but rather the most influential, for good or for ill. However, the magazine consistently uses this attention-getter to highlight its own agenda.

So who is Time’s “Person of the Year” this time around? They chose a movement rather than a single individual. They chose “The Protester.” The focus appears to be on the misnamed Arab Spring and the somewhat brain-impaired Occupy Wall Street crowd. Liberals such as those who run Time think freedom has blossomed in the Arab world. One wonders if they will ever be able to see the forest for all the trees. A rude awakening would be nice, but don’t count on it.

They also were hoping the Occupy Movement would be the Left’s answer to the Tea Party. Well it was, in the only way the Left can operate: imbecilic chants, sit-ins [upgraded to camp-ins], destruction of private property, demands for handouts, and a few murders, rapes, etc. Yes, a truly historic movement. Congratulations, Time, for staying true to your misguided past.

I have a better suggestion for the “Person of the Year.”