Understanding Obamaspeak

As I’ve mentioned before—and I’m not the only one drawing attention to this—President Obama is in full campaign mode. He’s far more comfortable in that arena where he can use demagoguery to try to get reelected. I mean, if he had to run on his record alone, he would be toast. All that stimulus for his friends in the banks and Wall Street has accomplished nothing. Yes, those are his friends despite his populist rhetoric. And what does he promise? Even more stimulus:

It isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

The second prong of his appeal is to blame everything on the rich, without mentioning he’s kind of rich himself and he has a few compatriots such as Warren Buffett. But that doesn’t stop him because he knows most people don’t realize the discrepancy. So even though his policies are causing this car wreck of an economy, he can continue to blame others:

And have you noticed how he keeps using the word “fair”? That’s a winner with those who don’t know how to interpret the word in Obamaspeak. Here’s an illustration of what he really means by it:

Yes, let’s spread the misery around.

He does his best to identify with the deceivingly so-called 99%:

But whenever the masses get together to protest, things rarely turn out the way they expect:

It’s time to reject the Obama approach, the Obama policies, and Obama himself. We need a return to sanity.