Reinventing Success

Be prepared. We’re about to see history rewritten again. Did you know that the Republicans are the ones who want to tax you more? Did you realize that the massive spending over the past three years is their fault? Surely you understand that the jump from a $9 trillion dollar national debt to more than $15 trillion in that same period is due to outlandish financial recklessness by the GOP?

How do we know all these things? Why, President Obama tells us so. What remains now is to see how many of our fellow citizens fall for the line. The president is in full campaign mode [as if he ever abandoned it], trying to pull a Harry Truman and blame a do-nothing Congress for the failure of the economy. He’s half right—the Democrat-controlled Senate has killed a myriad of bills passed by the Republican-dominated House that would have created the proper types of incentives to get the economy on track again.

Oh, but that’s right, the economy is already back on track, isn’t it? The administration touts the drop in the unemployment rate from 9.1% to 8.6% as evidence that Obama’s policies are working. What they don’t want you to grasp is that the main reason for that drop is that more than 300,000 people have given up looking for work; they’ve removed themselves from the potential labor force. That’s a strange kind of recovery.

But let’s give President Obama credit where he’s earned it. He has proved to be hugely successful, if you reinvent the concept of “success”:

Yes, he’s the consummate professional when it comes to that.