A Cain Reassessment

Political fortunes can rise and fall rapidly. Herman Cain is a prime example. He is now reassessing his candidacy. I’d like to offer my reassessment also.

Unless you live in a cave somewhere in Tora Bora, you know that a third woman has come forth with an allegation. This one has nothing to do with sexual harassment, but a thirteen-year-long consensual affair. Cain adamantly denies this allegation, as he has the other two. Those of us who have liked Cain and have hoped he could be a viable nominee, due to his real-world experience in business, his plain talk, his desire to move the country to a Fair Tax plan, and his Christian faith, now have to reexamine the candidate and his prospects.

If you’ve read this blog previously, you know I have deep doubts about the credibility of the two previous accusers. One is in financial trouble and has quite a checkered past; the other has shown a tendency to be over-sensitive with respect to what she deems sexual harassment. Neither one convinced me that Cain was guilty.

This new accuser has her own problems. Like one of the others, she has declared bankruptcy, she always seems to be in financial messes, and a restraining order was carried out against her for stalking. Does she now see the opportunity to cash in by selling her “tell-all” story, whether true or false? One also has to wonder how anyone could hide this affair for thirteen years. Was Cain always alone in his travels? Wouldn’t someone else have suspicions about his behavior if in fact her claims are true?

As I’ve said before, if Cain has done any of these things, he needs to step down immediately. He would be a hypocrite of the first order. If he is innocent, he is in the unenviable position of having to defend himself from unjust accusations. In the courts of law, a defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The court of public perception is another matter; the opposite is the case. The accusations themselves create a cloud of uncertainty about one’s character. The accused must somehow prove innocence.

If Cain is innocent, his task is to provide some kind of incontrovertible evidence that contradicts the claims made by these women. If the claims are false, coming up with such evidence is nearly impossible. Unless Cain can do so, I believe there is only one path for him to follow at this time: he has no choice but to withdraw from the race. Rightly or wrongly, he is damaged goods. His star already was fading over his inability to articulate a clear grasp of foreign policy.

I had high hopes for Mr. Cain. I have them no longer. If he is guilty, I pray he finds it within himself to repent of his actions and receive forgiveness from the God he says he worships, and that his family is not destroyed by his sins. If he is innocent [which I dearly hope is the case], for the sake of his family, his wife in particular, it is time to concentrate on those relationships and decline to seek the presidency. All of us must get our priorities straight. His priority right now is his family’s house, not the White House.