Ah, Those Lazy Americans

President Obama raised some eyebrows this week with his pronouncement that America has been lazy the last couple of decades in attracting business. Most of those raised eyebrows were over the audacity to say that America has been lazy. While my own eyebrows unite with those of others, I’m also just as incredulous that he actually has any interest in entrepreneurship. Well, it’s good for show, at least.

Cartoonists had a fun time dealing with it as well:

As he sits on a deal that would have created many jobs. Then there is this other company he’s not too fond of that wanted to open a new plant in South Carolina, a right-to-work state:

Of course, businesses might take a little more initiative if not for the burdens placed on them by this administration’s regulations:

As usual, our president is far more adept at blaming others than turning the magnifying glass on himself.