The Authentic Black Man?

It’s really kind of funny to hear some critics say Herman Cain is not an authentic black man like Obama. Let’s compare.

  • Obama was from a mixed marriage; he had a white mother. He was raised, essentially, by his white grandmother. Cain’s all-black parents raised him themselves with his father working three jobs to make ends meet.
  • Obama went to a fancy prep school in Hawaii, then on to Columbia and Harvard. Cain attended his local segregated school, then went on to all-black Morehouse College. He later got a master’s degree from Purdue, which is good, but not at all Ivy League.
  • Obama has never held a private sector job, unless you count his time as a community organizer; yet that “job” was totally political in its orientation, and he was eased through the Chicago machine into state politics. Cain had to overcome racial obstacles on his own, taking charge of his life and moving up the ladder one step at a time. He entered the private sector after his stint in the navy and was eminently successful. The “pick yourself up by your own bootstraps” story come to life.

Here’s another difference between the two black leaders:

While Cain is touting his plan to remake the tax system and move toward the Fair Tax, Obama is busy using the taxpayer money for really important purposes:

Cain—the self-made man. Obama—the elite, privileged man. Yes, there is a difference. And let’s please forget all this talk about being authentically black. Racial politics must end. When are we finally going to judge a man not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character? Sound familiar?