The Great Pretender

Much of the attention politically has been on the Republican side lately since there’s an actual competition for the nomination. On the Democrat side, there’s no drama. Every once in a while, a rumor floats about Hillary Clinton planning a run against her boss, but that’s not much more than fluff. No way that’s going to happen. The rumor gets circulated because of the spreading discontent with Obama within his party, but the rumormongers are going to have to come to grips with the brute fact that the establishment is on his side and will brook no rebellion in the ranks.

Given a choice between governing and campaigning, Obama has always found the latter more to his liking. It’s a lot more fun making promises and bashing opponents than it is having to deal with the reality of his failed policies. So in the guise of touting a so-called jobs bill, he is on the road quite often now, in campaign mode, all the while pretending that’s not what he’s doing:

But, hey, give him some credit—he’s an excellent pretender in many ways. Lately, he’s taken to identifying with the “Occupy” movement, claiming to be one with them in their attacks on Wall Street, a rather humorous identification since the Wall Streeters have filled the coffers for the Democrats for some time. The idea that Wall Street is Republican territory only is more mythology than truth:

Pretty brazen.