Holder & the Smoking Gun

I haven’t commented on Operation Fast and Furious for a few weeks, but in my absence from the topic, it has grown into real news. I predict that even the mainstream media may latch on to it any day now. That’s when we’ll know it’s a legitimate story, right?

To recap: the Justice Department actually allowed guns to be sold to Mexican drug cartels. Those guns were used to kill at least one American border agent and over 200 Mexican citizens. There are more details, but that’s the bottom line. Shouldn’t that be newsworthy?

Attorney General Eric Holder testified before Congress last spring that he had just learned about the operation. I mean, he’s only the head of the department, so why would we expect him to know anything about what goes on within that department? Now it turns out there are e-mails that show he knew about it since its inception, and that he lied to Congress.

The smoking gun image is popping up in other political cartoons as well:

Probing questions are being asked and there are calls for Holder’s resignation, but the Justice Department has become quite defensive over this:

What we are witnessing is the well-worn strategy of evading personal responsibility by minimizing the offense and acting as if it’s inconsequential:

The position of attorney general is, next to the president, the chief law enforcement job in the country. It needs to be occupied by someone who is trustworthy. Eric Holder is not that man. He should step down. It would be the honorable thing to do. That’s precisely why he will never do it.